Leslie Leslie Palmieri
Matthew Paterson Elementary School
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Juilliard School
Dancer, teacher and choreographer for 17 years and worked as an artist in residence in many Westchester Schools
MST from Pace University in 1991
Teaching in Carmel since 1992
Leslie is the first and only nationally certified teacher in the Carmel School District
CTA Welfare Trust Fund Trustee since 2004
MarkMark Jennette
Retiree Representative
32 years at Carmel High School
Married, 35 years, 2 daughters, 29 and 26
Retired 2006
5 years as Trustee
Robin Cohen
George Fischer Middle School
23 years teaching in Carmel
3 years as a Trustee
Married with three children, one married and one granddaughter
Jennifer Byrd Kent Primary School
13 years teaching in Carmel
2 years as a Trustee
Gary Petagine Chairman
Carmel High School
29 Years as a Special Education Teacher
19 Years as a Trustee
Married 29 Years; 2 Boys, 28 and 21
Master Teacher for the Living History Education
Why involved? By fighting for better pay and more jobs, organized labor strengthens the middle class and society's share of prosperity. Health benefits, dental and vision included, remain our greatest challenge in today's world.
2 Years as Trustee
Married 28 years to music teacher / labor and delivery nurse: 2 daughters , 23 and 20 (older is elem teacher, younger studying to become teacher)
-10th year teaching and 23 years biomedical research.
-Why involved?: In order for a union to be strong and successful all members
need to participate and do their share.


Rich Birchman

Diana MelvilleDiana Melville
Kent Elementary School
Over 30 years as a teacher in local school districts
Have served on the CTA Welfare Trust Fund for over 20 years
Married with a daughter (age 31) and a son (age 25) . . . two grandsons
Due to retirement plans for 2010 . . . . seeking a replacement trustee
Michele J Smith
Jennifer Byrd Diana Melville
  Brooke Bowe
Mai Lynn peters
Leslie Palmieri
Mark Jennette Mai Lynn Peters
Debra LongDebra Long
George Fischer Middle School
23 years teaching in Carmel
3 years as a CTA Welfare Trust Fund Trustee
Married with two sons, 18 and 11